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Arad Parto Darman Engineering company registration number 455125 is one of the most reputable companies in the fields of production, sales, technical support and engineering such as service, installation and commissioning of medical imaging equipment, quality control equipment, medical devices, instrument radiation, license work x-ray diagnostic equipment and consulting for radiology centers set up by the accreditation of Department of Medical Equipment Of Iran and the licensee installation and technical support digital X-ray devices.

 Engineering team support

Technical experts of the company are trained and experienced to provide service, installation and handling, and quality control radiation detection equipment to all parts of the country

 We are professional

Preparation PLAN, consulting for start-up and isolation of diagnostic radiation centers, all centers are isolated by the company ensures radiation leakage

 Professional and expert sales team

The deployment of experts and specialist engineers and dedicated sales


Our team will respond to questions and technical advice in radiation Centers diagnostic, service and repair and production company

Our Services

Quality control, calibration, repair and installation of medical imaging equipment, isolation facilities as well as commissioning and diagnostic radiation by specialists of the company

Quality Control

Quality Control Radiation Detection Equipment to permit IAEA.

Service of Radiography Devices

Service of Analog and Digital Radiography System

Contracts for service and calibration

The use of trained and experienced technical personnel, as well as enjoying the highest quality kits and instruments for testing and calibration of analog and digital medical imaging equipment ready for service, maintenance and calibration of the annual contract for the country's there

Isolation and preparation of Radiology Centers

Using high-purity lead sheets by the experts and installers are experienced with the company guarantees to any radiation leaks

Medical Ultrasound Service

Sonography system and ultrasound probe repair all types of the company's engineers

Preparation PLAN

Preparation Plan, consulting for start-up and isolation centers, diagnostic radiation

Our Products

Production and sales of medical imaging equipment, radiation protection equipment (gowns and robes lead, lead glass) a new generation Image Viewer X-ray Film and X-ray accessories

Meet The Team

Employing experts and technical professional and sales engineers are committed

Abbas MoradiManaging Director

Master's degree in Electrical Engineering with experience in the field of medical imaging and radiation equipment for analog and digital

Saba AjamiQuality Control Manager

Chairman of the Board, director of sales engineering and quality control, mechanical engineering graduate specializing in the field of quality control

Mr.SoheiliTechnical Expert

Electronics expert with over 8 years of experience in the field of medical imaging equipment

Sales TeamBachelor sale

Employing experts and engineers and dedicated sales professional

What our clients say

We are professional and expert our work

Of us want to ensure the service

Arad Parto

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Arad Parto